cover art for Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck


LP: MCA 6173
CD: bootleg

All of JB's music is on the B side of the album.
  1. Lullaby of Duckland
  2. Journey to Earth
  3. You're the Duckiest
  4. Ultralight Flight
  5. Beddy-bye for Howard
  6. Dark Overlord

The Movie

This is a "what were you thinking?" movie. George Lucas had banked an incredible amount of good will with his Star Wars trilogy, and he followed it up with — this. He should have had his Directors Guild membership revoked.

The Music

I can't comment—I remember playing the album once or twice and then filing it away. Whatever it was, it was unmemorable (and probably just as well).

Release Notes

I remember shocking the guy in the record store when I bought it because I wanted it for the Barry music—I didn't even know who Thomas Dolby was. I thought he'd invented the noise reduction system on my stereo.

The LP came out, and when the movie tanked, the LP drifted into obscurity and there was no CD release. The LP is collectable because Thomas Dolby fans want the Dolby songs on the A side, and Barry fans want the Barry music on the B side. There are CD bootlegs floating around.