r The Amorous Prawn

The Amorous Prawn


No soundtrack release

The Movie

Never saw it. This description is from Eurofilms Ltd:

General and Lady Fitzadam live at a remote army outpost in Scotland, their last assignment before the General retires. When the General (Cecil Parker) is sent abroad, Lady Fitzadam (Joan Greenwood) decides to convert their spacious estate into a fishing resort for American tourists. But when British Army personnel are forced to lead double lives as a hotel staff, a host of misunderstandings naturally ensue, exploding into hilarious consequences. The film is based on a hugely successful West End farce.

Wikipedia says that his movie was released in the USA as The Playgirl and the War Minister. I've still never heard of it. Some movies are a bit too British (i.e. no recognizable name stars) to get any attention here.

The Music

Never saw it. Never heard the music. Sorry.

Release Notes

A piece called "The Lolly Theme" shows up on the compilation John Barry, the EMI Years, Volume III, but there is no soundtrack release.

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